Late last year, I decided to “officially” reopen Canvas Weddings. To celebrate this comeback, I wanted to do something to mark the decision in time and also represent the growth, thought and love behind my decision to return full-time to wedding planning. A brand “refresh” was just the thing.

I have long been a fan of Esther Clark —- I’ve bought her gorgeous floral print calendars and stalked her Instagram feed, dreaming of the day one of my clients would hire her to make their wedding stationery. So when it came time to place Canvas Weddings in the hands of a designer, I knew who I wanted to work with.

I wanted a design that was warm, inviting and mature —- something that reflected both the beauty and the wildness of my favorite couples, as well as the steadiness and calm I bring to my work.

Whatever expectations I had going into my time working with Esther, she exceeded them at every turn. I can honestly say that Esther not only gave Canvas Weddings a fresh, updated and seriously stylish new look, but she also gave me renewed clarity and focus as a business owner through her insightful questions and spot-on instincts.

So, there you have it: Canvas Weddings’ new look. I can’t think of a better way to say “hello wedding world, I’ve missed you. It feels so, so good to be back.”

Thank you, Esther, for your partnership, patience and artistry. I am eternally grateful.